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Napoli Running, the important 2018 numbers make people dream big

  Capalbo: “We combine sport, tourism and wellness in international-level events” NAPLES (NA) – Many were the emotions experienced last December and February through the competitions organized by Napoli Running, so much so that we are already working non-stop for the Sorrento-Positano Ultramarathon 54km and ‘Panoramica’ 27km, which will take place on December 2, as well as for the Napoli […]

SORRENTO POSITANO 54km and PANORAMICA 27km Registrations are open, discover Sorrento, reserve the Hotel+Number Bib package

THE “GRAN PREMIO NASTRO VERDE” IS BORN – There will once again be great running on the streets in the province of Naples on December 2nd. Having archived almost two months ago a memorable edition of the Napoli City Half Marathon, the sports club Napoli Running has already been back to work for a few weeks […]

Challenging conditions at the Sorrento-Positano Ultra Marathon 54 km and Panoramic 28 km

  A huge portion of strength, enthusiasm and the desire to participate was visible among 900 runners this morning at the 9th edition of the Sorrento-Positano, one of Napoli Running events co-organized by RunCzech. The weather was changing constantly – light rain during the start of the first race (Ultra Marathon 54 km), turned into […]

Previous Record Trounced at Napoli City Half Marathon

Napoli City Half Marathon via Caracciolo

The group of elite men on the front line soon took the lead. Four Kenyans and an Italian broke away from the rest of the runners by a hundred meters; after a while the group was reduced to four: Paul Kariuki Mwangi, Philip Kibungei Tarbei, Michael Kipkemboi Chelule and Eliud Mwangi Macharia. From the sixth […]

Coast to Coast 2016: Won by Di Cecco, Desiderio, Kabbouri and Toniolo

On the streets of Sorrento, the site of the start and finish of the competition, with intermission inPositano, the enthusiasm and warmth of the crowd greeted and accompanied the 1500 runner toil, struggling with a challenging course of about 26 miles for the “Coast to Coast“, the marathon that unites Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast of sport. The edition 2016 has led […]