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Dear runners, dear friends…

  Dear runners, dear friends, This year 2020 is a year we will all remember. Each one of us had plans, goals, dreams. New year’s resolutions. For personal accomplishments. For business success. For sport achievements. We were all looking forward for Sorrento Positano. Our team. Our volunteers. Our partners and suppliers. The local institutions. We were […]

Ultramarathon 54km has been canceled!

Dear Ultramarathon friends Due to dangerous landslide and rockfall episodes occurred in the recent days along the route dedicated to the ultramarathon race, it was decided to cancel the Ultramarathon 54 Km event of the 1st December 2019. All Ultramarathon runners already subscribed to the event will be automatically registered in the 27 Km Panoramica […]

The world champion Nikolina Sustic will run at the Sorrento Positano 54km

Oro nella 100km, nazionale croata di maratona e vincitrice per 5 volte della 100 del Passatore Sorrento Positano ultramarathon, 54 km (Bronze Label Iau) cresce sempre più e tutti vogliono correrla. Già centinaia gli iscritti, tra questi anche diversi grandi campioni. L’1 dicembre 2019 è stato già annunciato al via in costiera sorrentina il bresciano […]

Breaking news: medical certificate no longer required!

Are you dreaming to run the Sorrento Positano 54km and 27km on the 1st of december 2019 or the Napoli City Half Marathon on the 23rd of February 2020? NOW YOU CAN! The Italian Athletics Federation has modified part of the regulations (see below) and you are allowed to participate without any specific medical document. […]

Stefano Velatta confirms he will be taking part in the Sorrento Positano 2018

Biella-native Stefano Velatta, the 2017 star of the ultramarathons around Italy with the conquest of 5 Italian titles on various distances, closed his stellar competitive season with yet another victory during last December’s Sorrento Positano Ultramarathon. He was the first to show up in Sorrento, and he won in 3h28’44” in front of Marco Ferrari […]


The new ‘flying finish lines’ at 21,097km and 50km Two ‘flying finish lines’ have been added to the Ultra Marathon 54km and La Panoramica 27km for those who want to make the time on the half marathon distance of 21.097km and on the 50km. The person in charge of the tracks, Alfredo Varriale, explains all […]

Challenging conditions at the Sorrento-Positano Ultra Marathon 54 km and Panoramic 28 km

  A huge portion of strength, enthusiasm and the desire to participate was visible among 900 runners this morning at the 9th edition of the Sorrento-Positano, one of Napoli Running events co-organized by RunCzech. The weather was changing constantly – light rain during the start of the first race (Ultra Marathon 54 km), turned into […]

Coast to Coast 2016: Won by Di Cecco, Desiderio, Kabbouri and Toniolo

On the streets of Sorrento, the site of the start and finish of the competition, with intermission inPositano, the enthusiasm and warmth of the crowd greeted and accompanied the 1500 runner toil, struggling with a challenging course of about 26 miles for the “Coast to Coast“, the marathon that unites Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast of sport. The edition 2016 has led […]