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Giorgio Mario Nigro (m) and Martina Del Rosso (f) won the race.

Nigro and Del Rosso have written their names in the hall of fame of the Sorrento-Massa Lubrense-Positano Panoramica 27km.
Massimiliano Fiorillo and Martina del Rosso were awarded with the Grand Prix Nastro Verde.
The Sorrento and Amalfi coasts greeted more than a thousand runners Applause for the many Napoli Running volunteers who worked hard to make the event a resounding success.

SORRENTO (NA) – Sunday, December 4, as the Christmas lights gave way to the magnificent sunshine that woke and warmed Sorrento. Napoli Running welcomed with traditional enthusiasm over a thousand runners to the starting line of the Panoramica Sorrento-Massa Lubrense-Positano 27km, over a thousand hearts set off to the heartbeat of Vltava, the symphonic poem composed by Bedřich Smetana in 1874.

Enthusiasm also came from Sorrento Mayor Massimo Coppola: It was a beautiful day of sport and I was delighted to see in Sorrento people who came from all over the world. Guests who were able to appreciate our territories, our roads, as the views alleviated the fatigue felt by the runners.

THE WINNERS – A race that from the first steps makes clear who is going to win. Giorgio Mario Nigro (ASD Carmax Camaldolese) and, not far back, Massimiliano Fiorillo (SSD Dynamyk Fitness) are already on their own from km 2 and chased by a small group of four other runners. Sustained pace, despite the climb, with passage to km 10 in 38'40 (3.52'/km) and sharply increased at 21°km when the timer of the finish line of Gran Premio Nastro Verde was stopped at 1h16'43, pace therefore of 3'39/km.
Last kilometers of the race run always back-to-back for Nigro and Fiorillo, crossing the finish line together in 1h37'24 and after receiving the applause of the cheering public along the Corso Italia street in its warm festive attire. Third across the line in 1h39'00 was Hungarian Laszlo Bulitka, who had caught up with the leading group around km 20. Fourth, and third on the Italian podium, Riccardo Volpe (Runforever Aprilia) in 1h40'49, a little further back.

It was a great race that we always ran together and decided to finish together. We saw that as the miles went by we were able to build up an advantage, and when we entered Sorrento we didn't even need to talk to each other to understand that we wanted to finish together. We will be back in 2023, Giorgio Mario Nigro and Massimiliano Fiorillo said as one.
THE WOMEN – The women's podium awarded the victory to Martina Del Rosso (ASD Tocco Runner), who scored a time of 1h56'43 (4'19;/km) followed by Czech athlete Eva Vyskocilova slightly later with a time of 1h57'08". Third across the finish line was Cassandra Ulivieri (Tx Fitness SSD) in 1h57'56. Completing the Italian podium in this case was Monica Alfano (Asd Podistica Pic. Costa Amalfi) in 2h04'49. This is the fifth time I have participated in this race crowned with a third, a second and now a first place. I started running after the death of my daughter Emma 18 years ago and I always feel her next to me. Running, apart from the spectacular views that the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts offer, gives me a sense of family. It's like everyone is pushing you and that's what I like about it. Then doing it in Sorrento gives you that extra something that only these lands offer you," said winner Martina Del Rosso.

The Gran Premio Nastro Verde was awarded to Massimiliano Fiorillo and Martina del Rosso.

THE RUN OF A THOUSAND – A thousand of athletes and the many foreigners who came to the finish line celebrated their fantastic times accompanied by the extraordinary beauty of the course on a day with perfect weather and with the city all in celebration to welcome them all to the finish line, smile after smile. Event that was also possible thanks to the passion and commitment of more than 100 volunteers.
As scheduled, the Family Run&Friends started at 9:20 a.m., an opportunity to sow the values of sports the many little ones who honored the event in addition to having fun with their families.

Lastly also comes the comment of Carlo Capalbo, President of Napoli Running: "Even the sun wanted to kiss the Panoramica 2022 despite the weather forecast on the eve. We gave over a thousand runners a day of health, territory and a good race at a competitive level. Thirty percent of the runners who ran today came from abroad, and this can only make us happy for once again promoting such a beautiful area. The thanks to the cities of Sorrento, Massa Lubrense, Positano is really heartfelt, as well as towards the State Police and those who contributed to the success of this wonderful day of sports and wellness.