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I am Tim Warner.

I live in Scotland, in the countryside hills 30km from Edinburgh.
When I think of Sorrento I think of Christmas and running in beautiful winter sunshine with the spectacular Amalfi coastline and wonderful Italian runners for friendly company.
Oh – and the brilliant Sorrento musical Christmas tree, of course!

I first ran the 42 km course in 2015, repeated it in 2016 and then switched to the 27km Panoramica. I do not run much on asphalt, but Sorrento is a wonderful exception – such views!

So this 2020 Covid year, running has become a way of coping with stress even more than usual, and to be able to run and think in solidarity with the lovely Napoli runners has been brilliant. I kept warm inside, even though I was running through thick snow in the hills with my dog, my heart was in Sorrento.

This year has been hard for so many, but we can all look forward to running back in Sorrento for real next December.

Auguri, and slainte mhath a Alba, Tim

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