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On the streets of Sorrento, the site of the start and finish of the competition, with intermission inPositano, the enthusiasm and warmth of the crowd greeted and accompanied the 1500 runner toil, struggling with a challenging course of about 26 miles for the “Coast to Coast“, the marathon that unites Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast of sport.

The edition 2016 has led to the Alberico Di Cecco triumph-a (time 2:38:38) and Fabiola Desiderio (3:13:40), both former winners of the previous edition of the Coast to Coast.

In terms of attendance, recorded excellent figures also the Half Marathon, a distance of approximately 21 km, which was run in Sorrento, won by Moroccan Kabbouri Yasmine (1:10:45), and, for the women’s category, from Deborah Toniolo, who scored the lead with just 1 hour 20 minutes and 44 seconds.

On the path of the Coast to Coast Marathon he has performed well handbikes Loreto Di Loreto, Paralympic athlete, bronze to the second edition of the International Paralympic games Invictus Games in the United States.

The tapes of the Coast to Coast starting was attended by the Mayor of Sorrento, Joseph Cuomo, the historic winner of the New York Marathon, Giacomo Leone, the last winner of the Marathon of Naples, Giovanni Ruggiero, president of FIDAL Campania, Sandro Del Naia and Carlo Capalbo (President IAAF Road Running Commission), founder of the Running Naples, the new Neapolitan society, with Maurizio Marino, Antonio Esposito and Benedict Scarpellino, unifying under its abbreviation, the Coast to Coast and MOHM (Naples Show d ‘ overseas Half Marathon, in February 2017). Stated goal: the rebirth of the Marathon of Naples in 2018, with the return of the runner on the Neapolitan territory.