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Great enthusiasm for joining the Napoli Digital Running Festival after a few days from the opening of registrations.

A city well known throughout the world, for its artistic and naturalistic beauties, its history so rich in dominations and which has left many footprints in modern culture, the culinary tradition, the music, the many characters who have represented it the soul and the people so unique and extravagant.

Throughout the month of February, Naples will appear all over the world, wherever there is a runner who participates in the Napoli Digital Running Festival, the virtual edition of the Napoli City Half Marathon, the only possible alternative in this year still problematic due to health emergency linked to COVID19.

THE NUMBERS – There is enthusiasm at Napoli Running, there were 302 registrations only in the first three days, coming from 31 countries. Runners from Hong Kong, Australians, Japanese, Americans, South Africans, Russians, Czechs and many other countries will run “in Naples”. “It is the signal that the work done by all of us in the team has taken the right direction, to reach every corner of the earth – said Luigi Varriale Project Manager Napoli Running -, we have always wanted a community to participate in our events. as varied as possible, made up of runners of all types and all levels. There are very experienced walkers and runners, couples participating in the relay from different parts of the world, friends who compete and families who take the opportunity to experience a moment of sport “. In an era in which human contacts are very limited, participating in a worldwide event creates a special emotion, that of once again feeling part of the community.

THE STORIES – In the coming weeks the most exciting and interesting stories that runners are communicating to the organization of Napoli Running will be disclosed, they will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration for many, goliardic moment, important to reflect on how much it made sense to carry on our commitment, representing the importance of sport. As already happened during the Sorrento Positano Digital Running Festival, Napoli Running awaits all the stories of runners, those that are told with the heart, that accompany the run or that encourage you to tie your shoes; Among these, there will certainly be that of the oldest foreign runner, born in 1933 and in love with Italy, a story that we will tell you shortly. And that of the youngest, a participant in the Family Run, who takes the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and in which sport cannot be missing.

REGISTRATION – Registration (SIGN UP HERE) is open until February 28th, you can choose to run one or more of the three different distances: Half Marathon 21,097km, Relay Twingo (10 + 11,097km) and Family Run & Friends 5 km. The spirit of Napoli Running is to allow everyone to experience a challenge tailored to their needs, so you can run the chosen distance even at different times, then divided into several days.

Just provide proof of your run or walk by recording your performance on a GPS tracker or with an app such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin or other. It will be possible to compare with other participants from all over the world, it will be a personal challenge of worldwide resonance.

All those enrolled in the Napoli Digital Running Festival will receive digital race materials (personalized bib and diploma finisher), the medal both digital and sent directly to the runner’s home, the Spotify playlist of the event and will have the opportunity to access the virtual expo. where they can see the beauties of the city of Naples. It will be possible to buy adidas T-shirts, ‘All Runners Are Beautiful’ sleeves and vests or the t-shirt dedicated to the Family Run at the E-shop.

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