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A shoe dedicated to the Neapolitan runners. It is the idea of adidas, technical partner of Napoli Running events, to design for its loyal Neapolitans, a special model, in both mens and womens styles, which will run smoothly even over cobblestones thanks to the “Boost” cushioning system. A shoe  for both sport and fashion, it will also be a trend and image that is positive for the city of Naples.

Officially presented at Friday’s press conference, on October 21st at noon, at the RUSH Store in Via Diaz 36 in Naples, the shoe line also includes the logo of “Napoli Running”, the new Road Racing organizing firm that brought together the best local and international expertise in the field in the idea that sport and young people should be the main targets. The two successful events already included in the project are the Sorrento Positano Coast to Coast Marathon / Half Marathon Sorrento (18 December) and Napoli City Half Marathon (February 5), pending a new marathon of Naples in 2018: the goal of Naples Running is to compete with marathons around the world for quality of organization and participation.

An important moment for Neapolitan athletes and non-athletes alike, the press conference was attended by municipal councilors of sport, Ciro Borriello, and of youth, Alessandra Clemente, the CEO of Napoli Running, Carlo Capalbo, President of the IAAF “Road Races” and founder of the Prague Marathon, the Half Marathon Italian champion Daniele D’Onofrio and Pietro Zarlenga of adidas, the AD Group Sport 7 Antonello Visalli.