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Dear Ultramarathon friends
Due to dangerous landslide and rockfall episodes occurred in the recent days along the route dedicated to the ultramarathon race, it was decided to cancel the Ultramarathon 54 Km event of the 1st December 2019.
All Ultramarathon runners already subscribed to the event will be automatically registered in the 27 Km Panoramica race, that will take place on the same day – 1st of December 2019 – at 9 a.m. from Sorrento, and whose route has not been affected by the above described episodes.
For any information and further details, you can write us at info@napolirunning.com or read here: https://www.napolirunning.com/sorrento-positano-faq-ultra/?lang=en
We thank you for your understanding, we apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely hope to have you with us on December the 1st!