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The new ‘flying finish lines’ at 21,097km and 50km

Two ‘flying finish lines’ have been added to the Ultra Marathon 54km and La Panoramica 27km for those who want to make the time on the half marathon distance of 21.097km and on the 50km.

The person in charge of the tracks, Alfredo Varriale, explains all the details

SORRENTOSunday, December 2, 2018 will see the start of the tenth edition of the Sorrento Positano, a race with a good tradition established by nine previous editions and two renewed tracks inaugurated in 2017 after Asd Napoli Running joined the organizational aspect.

The Neapolitan race includes an Ultra Marathon track of 54km and one of 27km called La Panoramica. Both races will start, and will end, in Piazza Lauro, in Sorrento, where the 2km Family Run, reserved for families and children, will also take place starting at 9:30 am,.

NEWS – The novelties for 2017 are two ‘flying finish lines’. Two detection mats will be placed at km 21.0975, Gran Premio Nastro Verde, and at km 50, the Trofeo della Costiera, and these two rankings will also include prizes for the first three of each race. To access these rankings, the athlete must in any case finish the race reaching the final finish line in Sorrento.

TRACKS – Thus, let’s discover, with the help of the person in charge, Alfredo Varriale,  the track of the Ultra Marathon, which will start at 7:00 am, and La Panoramica, which will instead start at 9:00 am. “Those of the Sorrento Positano will be two rather demanding tracks,” explains Mr. Variale, “and characterized by a good difference in height, though the effort will undoubtedly be mitigated by the splendid landscapes that will appear in front of the athletes. The start of both races will take place from the heart of Sorrento and will include a first flat kilometer within the city center in the beautiful pedestrian area of Corso Italia.”

A slight climb, from km 1 to km 7, will accompany the athletes to the center of Massa Lubrense. The toughest 10 kilometers of the entire race, but also the most beautiful, will start from here, or in other words up to Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, the village of Massa Lubrense that rises on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno.

At about km 17, la Panoramica 27km will turn around, going back in direction of Sorrento mostly downhill, whereas the Ultra Marathon will continue on a more technical track full of curves, and mostly uphill, for 2 rather tough km and then 4 km until reaching the San Pietro crossroad. At this point the athletes will find themselves at about 8 km from Positano: “Eigh kilometers with the splendid view of Jeranto bay and Parco Marino di Punta Campanella which will lead the runners downhill almost all the way to the sea. From km 29 there will be another 2 km of uphill battle until km 31, which is the location of the turning point above Positano”.

From this point on, the way back is nothing but a pleasure, with a breathtaking panorama whilst passing through those little towns full of the cheering spectators who are indispensable when energy is at a low point. Runners will be able to ease the strain on their legs from km 43 seeing as they will have 10 km going downhill”

To view the maps of the two tracks of the Sorrento Positano, including the altitude differences and the various points of major interest, click HERE.

REGISTRATION SORRENTO POSITANO 2018 – Registrations are open, participating in the Ultra Marathon 54k will have a cost of 40.00 euro, while the number bib of La Panoramica will cost 25.00 euro. To register for one of the two races of the Sorrento Positano, click HERE.

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