Photos of you during the race instantly sent to your smartphone

With the Pica service, all participants in the Sorrento Positano 2020 can have their photos sent directly to their smartphone, quickly and securely. During the race, will be about 15 photographers that capturing memories for all the runners along the course and at the finish. The photos will be available during the race and immediately after the finish. You can view and purchase them by logging in to the app, or, and entering the code on your bib. The photos will initially be available at a lower resolution for immediate sharing with friends and relatives, the next day the photos will be available at a higher resolution, at no additional cost.


1. Wear the code

Wear the code, either on the sticker that is given to you or printed on your bib.

2. Run

Stay focused and smile when you meet one of the photographers during the race.

3. Download the app

Download the Pica® app to instantly receive your photos on your smartphone.

The Pica app is available from the App Store, Google Play, and at

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